Sunday, October 21, 2007

Horse Heaven.

The enigmatic Horse heaven. Hunters have tried, and failed to get there on multiple occasions. Finally it was found thanks to the use of topographic maps, books and satellite imaging. Horse Heaven is an abandoned Cinnabar mine located roughly 15 miles east of Ashwood Oregon, another near ghost town. The mine was started in the early 1900's when a local high school student named Ray Whiting kicked over a rock and noticed the bright red rock known as Cinnabar.

Cinnabar is a rock that yields liquid mercury when heated. The camp Had a complete 20 ton mill and a reduction furnace that turned out 15,000 75 pound flasks of liquid mercury. About the time the mining was finished the mill burned down, and horse heaven was really finished. There has been somewhat recent mining activity further up the hill, and by recent i mean in the last 30 years. The main vertical shaft of the mine is over 300 feet deep and has 10 different stopes, or side tunnels that extend over 1400 feet long. One hundred thousand tons of ore were removed from the mine.

Pictured: Supposedly Ray whiting's truck. The loading triple for the main Shaft. An old bunkhouse. The old cookhouse. The entrance to a newer mine tunnel, collapsed 20 feet inside. The three similar photos inside the mine are interesting. Possibly lens flares but very strange, they show up in about 15 photos and they move, they have texture, edges and shape of their own. they appear in places a lens flare wouldn't be in other photos. these are the most prominent ones.


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